Albus d.o.o. (ltd.)

We have been present in the real estate market for over 10 years. In the period of operation to date, we have managed to realise a number of real estate sales transactions relating both to natural persons and legal entities.

In addition to real estate purchase and sales transactions, our agency also mediates in the following cases:

  • regulation of ownership
  • cancellation of community estate - divisions
  • designing
  • construction
  • partition of land
  • real estate appraisal
During many years of activity we have managed to establish business co-operation with law firms, architectural design studios, land surveyors, and other entities of relevance to real estate purchase and sales transactions and the construction of buildings.

As a real estate agency, we have met all the requirements in accordance with legal regulations applicable in the Republic of Croatia. Our employees hold valid certificates necessary for carrying out this activity, in compliance with legal provisions.

In addition to our brokerage when buying or selling real estate, we directly take part in certain projects, independently or together with partners, by making personal investments.

Within our activity we appraise the market value of property items and draw up surveys into the justification of purchasing and investing in various premises and activities in the territory of the Zadar County.

All the transactions performed by our agency, are monitored by our lawyer, whereby we protect, to the greatest possible extent, our clients’ interests.

We would like to assure you that we’ll strive to justify your confidence.